Interactive Artworks

Pool of Fingerprints
By Euclid Masahiko Sati, Takashi Kiriyama, 2010


Fingerprint Scanner (Clauss, 2010)

In Pool of Fingerprints, users are invited to scan their own fingerprint into the piece. This mixes with all the fingerprints of other visitors, until it eventually returns to its owner. This piece is a reflection on individuality and their sense of presence. (Google Cultural Institute, 2010)

Transmart Miniascape
By Yasuaki Kakehi, 2012

Video: Transmart Miniascape by Yasuaki Kakehi (Kakehi, 2015)

Transmart Miniascape is an interactive and reactive artwork consisting of multiple glass panels containing pixels. These pixels are representative of the four seasons, and their appearance changes based on the surrounding area. (NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], 2014)

Through the Looking Glass
By Yasuaki Kakehi, 2004

Video: Through the Looking Glass by Yasuaki Kakehi (Kakehi, 2015)

Through the Looking Glass invites visitors to play a game of tabletop hockey against your own reflection. The piece defies the logic of mirrors, as the screens both sides of the mirror display different images! (NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], 2004)

Tablescape Plus
By Yasuaki Kakehi Takeshi Naemura and Mitsunori Matsushita, 2006

Video: Tablescape Plus, 2006 (Kakehi, 2016)

Tablescape Plus is a playful interface, allowing visitors to create their own stories with characters upon a screen. It blends physical objects with digital images. The physical objects can be manipulated by visitors, allowing them to move characters and objects together to form interactions or trigger movements. (Kakehi, 2016)


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