Inspirational Art 2 – Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping – Catan/D&D
By Silverlight/Roll20


Projection mapping – D&D (Projection Mapping Central, 2018)

This projection mapping piece brings together tabletop gaming and projection mapping.This not only creates a more immersive enronment for players, it also provides tools for gamers, such as using real time tracking to calculate a character’s line of sight. (Sodhi, 2018)

Crystalline Chlorophyll
By Joseph Gray, 2009


Video: Crystalline Chlorophyll (Gray, 2009)

Crystalline Chlorophyll is an interactive sculpture that reacts to people in the space around it. During the course of an exhibition, the sculpture tracks motion in the room and transforms from an icy blue to a natural green.

The sculpture is built from card stock, but was originally designed in blender. The colour changing effects are achieved by two ceiling-mounted video projectors. (Gray, 2014)



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  1. Joseph Gray · February 21, 2019

    Hey, thanks! Just saw this!


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