Music from the Mundane: Field Sound Recording

Field sound recording is the art of taking recordings of everday noise – Cars, People, and Trains to name a few – and using it to create music.


Marc De Pape – ‘Chime – Scoring the City’

Chime is a wind-chime inspired instrument that captures motion data from various points around the city.

“The Chime is a collection of 18 sensors measuring 27 parameters assembled to poetically translate the impulses and flows of the everyday city into sound. “

Listen/Read more | Video

Yuri Suzuki – ‘Sound Taxi’

Sound taxi features a black London cab decked out with 67 speakers and one measurement microphone. As it drives around, it picks up sounds using the microphone on the roof, then uses software to analyse the frequencies and convert it to music

Listen | Read more

Giorgio Sancristoforo – Project AudioScan

006lorenza daverio pg

“Audioscan embodies the confluence of three stages of modern music technology: tape recording, electronic synthesis and processing, and personal-computer-based digital audio. It starts with recordings of street sounds, turns those into electronic instruments processed by electronic effects, and then creates the final composition in a digital audio workstation.”

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My Sound Recording

My recording features sounds of Plymouth: Featuring shoppers in drake circus, train announcements, devonport siren, cars and buses, buskers, seagulls and of course the ocean. I recorded these on my camera and used Audacity to put it all together.

My idea was to recreate and reflect the city atmosphere in sound format.




Chime by Marc de Pape

Yuri Suzuki sound taxi:Article | Artist Website

Giorgio Sancristoforo – Audioscan


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